“A World of Suncity Unrivalled Experience” customizes the most unique universal journey for you, hoping to allow every guest to experience the unforgettable supreme, extravagant and comfortable journey. For inquiries, please call the Overseas VIP Business Development Department Service Hotline: +853 6300 6600. For account holders who draw ten million chips or above per day in any Suncity VIP clubs are eligible for free Rolls-Royce limousine service and Business VIP Priority Service at the Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal or the airport, where designated personnel will be arranged. For inquiries and reservations, please call the Business Development Department Hotline: +853 6300 0322. WELCOME TO SUNCITY GROUP VIP CLUB

Experience the Worldwide VIP Services

Apart from a wide range of classy entertainment facilities, Suncity VIP Club is also distinguished in the provision of a full collection of travel services, which include hotel reservation, air and ferry ticket booking service, visa application and chauffeur-drive and shuttle bus services. Wherever you are, in Macau or out in other countries, Suncity is always there for you.

Valued members only have to step into any of the Suncity VIP Clubs to immediately enjoy the most attentive reception and immerse themselves in exciting entertainment. From rolling chip services, finance arrangements, transfer inquiries to VIP room reservations, we have professionals to follow up on your every need to allow our guests to fully immerse themselves into the excitement and fun!

SGS Qualicert™ Service Certification

Since its establishment, Suncity VIP Club has always been dedicated to enhance its gaming business and provide its guests with top-notch entertainment. Through these years, Suncity VIP Club has established its VIP Clubs at all major casino resorts in Macau, with a number of Suncity VIP Clubs crowned SGS Qualicert™ Service Certification. More Suncity VIP Clubs are set to open in the coming future, bringing our business to a whole new page.

Early in 2013, Suncity VIP Club has applied for the world-renowned SGS Qualicert™ Service Certification. In July 2018, StarWorld Suncity VIP Club has been further qualified by the SGS Qualicert™ as the first "7-Star Casino VIP Club" in the world, further showing Suncity's dedication of excellence and revolutionary service standards.

Suncity VIP Club Distribution

Besides the local gaming business, Suncity VIP Club also founded several VIP Clubs overseas which thrill our customers with the most exciting entertainment!
1. Macau: 16 VIP Clubs
2. Korea: 2 VIP Clubs
3. The Philippines: 5 VIP Clubs, 1 Poker King Club
4. Vietnam: 1 VIP Club
5. Cambodia: 2 VIP Clubs

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