“A World of Suncity Unrivalled Experience” customizes the most unique universal journey for you, hoping to allow every guest to experience the unforgettable supreme, extravagant and comfortable journey. For inquiries, please call the Overseas VIP Business Development Department Service Hotline: +853 6300 6600. For account holders who draw ten million chips or above per day in any Suncity VIP clubs are eligible for free Rolls-Royce limousine service and Business VIP Priority Service at the Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal or the airport, where designated personnel will be arranged. For inquiries and reservations, please call the Business Development Department Hotline: +853 6300 0322. WELCOME TO SUNCITY GROUP VIP CLUB

Private plane and yacht hire services

Suncity Group offers an unparalleled range of air and sea transport hiring services dedicated to providing every VIP members with comfort and enjoyment beyond your imagination. Our service specialists are happy to book the world’s most luxurious private planes whenever you need them, letting you travel in style to the most amazing cities around the world. Suncity Group can also lease its superyachts to our guests, letting you immerse yourself in a world of blue seas, blue skies and luxurious life, highlighting your unique VIP status! Further information >

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